Build a Sauna – A Do-It-Yourself Guide

Many people nowadays have started considering the addition of a home sauna to avail the several benefits offered by a hot bath. However, you may get a ready-to-install sauna for your home. Another alternative is to build a sauna yourself. Though many of you may imagine it to be a very difficult and tiresome task, but with a few basic tips it will all be too simple.

There are primarily two components that need to be considered when making a home sauna – the structure of the sauna room and its heat source. To plan and design the structure you first need to find out the number of people who will use it and plan the space accordingly.

Make sure that the sauna room or cabin is not too spacious for the occupants of the sauna as smaller saunas are usually more effective. But you need to have the right space so that it is not suffocating due to lesser space.

As it is a place for relaxation, the platforms and benches should be very comfortable. It is also important to take into account insulation needs and vapor barrier. These are necessary to limit the moisture and heat inside for an enhanced sauna experience.

The next essential component is the source of heat in your sauna. Gas, wood or electric heaters can be used for steam saunas. The most convenient of these options is the electric heaters. These are especially a good pick for indoor saunas. In case, you are going for a wooden stove as the heat source, it is better for DIY builders to take some expert advice on proper venting before they initiate their task.

A modern alternative for the heat source are infrared heaters. In this method, infrared waves are used to heat the occupants directly than to heat their surrounding air. This method doesn’t involve any steam. This is the most convenient and effective of all the heat source options. It warms up in no time and also doesn’t require much clean up afterwards.

You can take the help of the sauna kit to build a sauna yourself. These are easy to assemble and less expensive kits that are provided with all the necessary tools and materials ready to assemble for a home sauna. Fine quality wood, joints and heat sources, all are made available to you with these kits. Hence, you need not make innumerable trips to the market to search for different material and equipments that are required to build a sauna. You can get the satisfaction of completing the task yourself and that too without any hassles.

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