Newbie’s Guide to Saunas

Thinking about getting a sauna of your own? You’ll need to spend a little bit of time considering the decision. A sauna’s not a cheap investment, but it can be a good one. The right sauna is a great place to relax, calm down, and start feeling a whole lot better. Here’s a look at some of the saunas currently available on the market, as well as what you need to think about before you make your decision.

Infrared Versus Traditional Saunas

There are two main varieties of sauna currently available. The first is a traditional stram sauna, which uses steam produced by hot rocks or a heater that simulates them. Water is added to create steam. This type of sauna is what most of us associate with the word, but it’s not the only type available. You can also choose an infrared sauna – a newer type that uses infrared rays to provide heat. According to infrared sauna manufacturers, these are more efficient, since the heat goes straight into our bodies, and isn’t wasted on the air. Infrared saunas are often easier to install and more convenient to use than a traditional sauna.

Sauna Size

Remember to consider the size of your sauna, too. It’ll have some serious effects on how much it costs you to buy and install the unit. Pick a sauna that’ll work well with the number of people who need to use it, and the frequency of use. Bigger saunas are the right choice if you’ll have guests over or share the sauna with family members and friends. If it’s just you or you and another person, you won’t need a very large sauna. Some luxury models come with changing rooms and shower areas, and can also be used as pool houses.

Sauna Cost

You’ll also need to think hard about your sauna budget. There are all kinds of different choices, running from a few thousand dollars for a precut kit made for two people, to a lot more for a kit where all the pieces are prefabricated. Bigger saunas cost more, of course, and you’ll pay less if you do a little of the work yourself. Of course, the cheapest sauna isn’t always the best one. Better materials cost more, and a good sauna should have a good quality heater. If you’re hoping to save money, avoid saunas that feature rare woods and imported components, some of which are also environmentally damaging.

Sauna Quality

You’re looking for a long lasting sauna that’ll keep working well for many years to come. The big question is how to find one. Start by looking at a lot more than just the price. Warranties, personal reviews, and other information are also very important. Consider asking your sauna supplier to give you references from satisfied customers, or talk to friends and family members. If you’re buying online, think about the quality of the seller. What promises do they make, and how easy is their page to navigate. While a good webpage doesn’t indicate a good sauna, a poorly designed page full of outrageous claims could indicate a problem.

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