Tips For Purchasing Your Own Home Sauna

The interest in using a sauna to soothe tired muscles, release stress and sweat out toxins has increased in recent years especially since there are many more options for having your own in home sauna system. You no longer have to belong to a health club to reap the benefits of sauna treatments. You can enjoy the wonderful benefits of having your own sauna in your home for use any time of the day.

While home units may seem a bit pricey, after you consider a health club membership, the drive to and from the club and all the time that is spent away from home at the club, the price is worth it. You probably will have invested in something that will pay for itself in only a year or two at the most. There are several issues to consider when searching for your personal home sauna. Size, portability, weight, heating elements and additional options are basic things to look at before finding the one that suits your lifestyle.


Personal home saunas are made in various sizes to fit different spaces. Units are sized to fit in home spaces rather easily. Most are built in a box style with flooring, sides, ceiling and windowed door. In most instances, only some assembly is required to have one set up and in use in no time. Depending on the amount of seating you prefer, some are relatively small while some can seat up to four people. You only need a place to plug in the electricity and you’re ready to start enjoying it immediately.


Most home units are built to be able to move about if needed. A fully assembled unit may need to be disassembled to a certain degree, if you’re moving locations, but it isn’t a terribly difficult job to do. Some of the smaller ones can simply be picked up by several strong hands and moved a short distance if you aren’t satisfied with the current location in your home. There are also some personal saunas that can broken down and stored for awhile as well.


Home saunas can weigh as little as 40 lbs. to over 300 lbs. depending on which unit you choose. They are easily shipped since they are either disassembled or folded for shipping. Units made of wood and ceramic are of course heavier, while personal saunas made of a fabric-like material is very lightweight, portable as well as just as effective.

Heating Elements

Units can be purchased that have either the traditional electrical heating element or infrared heater. Infrared heaters are the most popular today and many people who use infrared heaters believe that these types are easier to tolerate and are more effective.


There are many options to choose from, depending on what type of unit you prefer. Wooden, self contained units offer CD players, air circulation, windows, overhead lights, comfortable seating spaces and much more. Be sure to thoroughly investigate which home sauna is best for your situation and your budget.

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